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3 Youth Gems products

New Youth Gems Range Brings Peptide Technology to Skin Care

26 November 2016

New Youth Gems Range Brings Peptide Technology to Skin Care Some of the first and often most distressing signs of…

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Pills spilled out of the bottle to form the letter D

Viva Vitamin D

Viva Vitamin D Not a week seems to go by without more research being published extolling the benefits of vitamin…

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Close up of orange pills

Statins and Prescription Drugs

Statins and Prescription Drugs A recent study has revealed some shocking statistics regarding the number of prescriptions people are taking….

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Close up of fizzy soda with a pink straw

Dying For a Soda?

Dying For a Soda? New research from the University of California, San Francisco tested for a link between consuming sugary…

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A green plant leaf dropping oil into a brown glass bottle

The power of the parent essential oils – the PEO solution

The power of the parent essential oils – the PEO solution By Professor Brian Scott Peskin Professor Brian S. Peskin,…

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Close up of blue and green nerve cells

5-HTP, the natural SSRI alternative

5-HTP, the natural SSRI alternative By James South, MA   5-HTP (otherwise known as 5-hydroxy-tryptophan or oxitriptan), is the less…

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An index finger with a red string tied around it

Hydergine− the intelligence ergoloid

Hydergine− the intelligence ergoloid By Leslie J. Farer   How many times have you asked yourself, “Where did I put…

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A woman cupping her ear to hear better

Aldosterone, the hearing hormone

Aldosterone, the hearing hormone Improved word recognition for those with hearing loss By Dr. Richard Lippman   Researchers have discovered…

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TOP 10 text in paint splashes and an orange banner

The top 10-detox agents

The top 10-detox agents Which oral supplements are the best for detoxification? By Phil Micans, MS, PharmB   Please note…

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BOLUOKE product packaging of capsules for circulatory health

Lumbrokinase – A circulatory hero with a humble origin

Lumbrokinase – A circulatory hero with a humble origin By Martin Kwok, BSc, MSAOM, ND   Dr. Martin Kwok holds…

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