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Dementia & Alzheimers Disease

Our latest research articles concerning Dementia and Alzheimers Disease; these cover a range of topics about these cognitive health conditions including:

  • Slowing down Dementia naturally
  • Slowing down Alzheimers Disease progression
  • Alternative treatments for dementia (all forms) and Alzheimers Disease
  • Arterial stiffness and its relation to dementia
  • Latest research and clinical trials related to these conditions

Did you know…

  1. Every 3 seconds a case of Dementia is diagnosed
  2. Problems with memory loss and cognition can affect anyone of any age, they do not just affect the elderly
  3. Research into Dementia and memory problems is critical to ensure that people living with these conditions receive the best care possible.
A 3D cross section of a vein and the red blood cells getting caught in a restricted area

Reducing arterial stiffness could reduce risk of dementia

6 December 2018

A new study by the University College London & Cardiff University has presented that people aged 50, whose blood pressure…

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A cartoon brain showing the connections made with effects

Smart drugs and nutrients: Piracetam, the original nootropic

26 November 2016

Smart drugs and nutrients: Piracetam, the original nootropic Smart drugs and nutrients, or to give them their correct medical terminology-…

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