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Anti Aging

Our primary focus is on anti aging therapies and treatments to help slow the progress of aging and associated health conditions, and within our magazine we cover a wide range of anti aging topics including:

  • The best anti-aging supplements for different bodily functions
  • Reverse aging naturally, including lifestyle changes and diet
  • Telomere lengthening and how to lengthen telomeres
  • Free radicals and antioxidants
  • MTOR inhibitors
  • Anti aging research progress

Did you know…

  1. Whilst we use the term “old age” to describe someone who is advanced in years, there is no typical “old person” – different people age at different rates, and there are a huge number of factors that play a part in biological aging.
  2. Many people look to reverse aging processes, including wrinkles, hair loss, skin blemishes, weakened immune systems and conditions such as arthritis and ARMD.
  3. Anti aging supplements come in a wide variety of forms and compounds, depending on what it is the individual wants to improve.

A chemical cocktail for age reversal to revolutionise the treatment of ageing

18 August 2023

The latest discovery is an age-reversal breakthrough that could enable whole-body rejuvenation, using a chemical approach to revolutionise the treatment…

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Everyone has two ages

17 April 2023

Everyone has two ages, your chronological and biological age. How old you are and how you are ageing internally. Does…

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Can the use of the hypertension drug rilmenidine elongate healthier lives?

9 February 2023

Research has revealed that the commonly prescribed hypertension drug rilmenidine has proven to slow down the ageing process. The biological…

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Poor oral health linked to poor brain health?

7 February 2023

A recent study from the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut has shown connection between oral health and…

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Miracle molecules that reverse biological age

6 February 2023

  By Rob Verkerk PhD, founder, executive and scientific director, ANH-Intl   How would you like to turn back your…

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Saudi Arabia to boost anti-ageing research with an annual spend of $1 billion

20 June 2022

The oil-wealthy country of Saudi Arabia fears its population is ageing at an accelerated rate. Affluent lifestyles with rich diets…

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Spectacular Spermidine

3 May 2022

By Will Block In Ancient Greece, Aristotle commented about the importance of semen. To the author of the ‘best-selling’ ancient…

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Body and mind connection

The science of anti-ageing

22 March 2022

Is the ageing process unstoppable or can extended youth become a reality? The science of anti-ageing is something that elite…

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Man asleep

Can you sleep your skin younger?

16 March 2022

In a perfect world, you would sleep 8 to 10 hours a night and wake up looking refreshed with youthful,…

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Far view of smoke stacks

Pollution and the impact on ageing

12 November 2021

As we age, our bodies are less likely to be able to cope with environmental hazards, as our environment becomes…

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