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We have a large variety of information and articles around the topic of hormones and natural hormone replacement therapy. These articles cover a range of topics, including:

  • Sermorelin; oral supplements and the benefits of giving this sublingually vs injection
  • Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone supplements (MSH)
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy

Did you know?…

  1. Women and men need both testosterone and Estrogen to function properly.
  2. Hormones control your growth, mood, development, organs, metabolism and reproductive system.
  3. Estrogen helps to control cholesterol levels.
Male Menopause

Men and the Menopause

3 June 2024

The female menopause is a big part of a woman’s life. Often experienced between the ages of 45-55 (although this…

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Why does joint pain affect women more than men?

18 April 2024

The most common cause of joint pain is arthritis. Of those people who suffer from osteoarthritis, 50% more are women….

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Health changes for the ageing woman

8 April 2024

Midlife brings significant health changes to the ageing woman. It can become hard to embrace getting older when she looks…

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hormone replacement therapy

What Is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy?

30 November 2023

Hormones are essential for our bodies to function properly. They regulate our mood, metabolism, sleep patterns, and so much more….

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Is Oxytocin really crucial for bonding?

15 February 2023

Oxytocin can induce anti-stress-like effects such as reduction of blood pressure and cortisol levels. It increases pain thresholds, exerts an…

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Estrogen ball and progesterone ball balancing on wood

Not all progesterone’s are created equal

20 April 2021

A review of progesterone and breast cancer risk by Dr. Nyjon K Eccles, BSc MBBS MRCP PhD Dr. Nyjon Eccles…

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A woman's back in the sun with a gradient of lighter skin to darker skin

MSH2, it’s not just for tanning

20 April 2021

An interview with Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. by Phil Micans, MS, PharmB Dr Thierry Hertoghe is a Belgium-based physician who has…

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A spider diagram of the extra pituitary effects of GHRP2

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

11 January 2021

By Richard Walker, M.D. Ed.- Dr. Walker is the founder of the Scientific Aging Research Academy (SARA) and is one…

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A megaphone with 'HORMONE THERAPY' in a speech bubble

Hormones make the difference

20 May 2019

By Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. The International Hormone Society (IHS) now offers its extensive scientific databank on hormone therapies via its…

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Blue animated image with the thyroid gland highlighted in red

The thyroid and adrenals, working together- how to prevent being mentally and physically ‘fogged’

29 November 2016

The thyroid and adrenals, working together- how to prevent being mentally and physically ‘fogged’ By Dr. Richard Lippman   One…

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