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Immune System Health

We have a range of information, research and current articles on the immune system; these cover a variety of topics about immune system health, including:

  • How to boost immune system with vitamin C
  • How COVID-19 impacts the immune system
  • Thiocynates and how they support the immune system
  • Reishi mushrooms and their ability to modify the immune system
  • Supplements to boost immune system

Did you know?…

  1. A healthy lifestyle and positive emotions can boost your immune system.
  2. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your immune system.
  3. Keeping things too clean can prevent your immune system from working properly; the body needs to be exposed to a certain level of germs to keep immune levels robust.
Vitamin C spelled out using oranges

Hospitals treating coronavirus patients with Vitamin C

27 March 2020

Doctors in New York State are giving their critically sick coronavirus patients extremely high doses of vitamin C, a method…

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A person with the thymus gland glowing in yellow

Researchers develop a technique to regenerate the mouse thymus

24 January 2018

The thymus gland is an organ in the lymphatic system serves a vital role within the immune system. In a…

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Extreme close up of blue virus cells

The 1st Line of Immune Defence, an interview with Richard Stead

29 November 2016

The 1st Line of Immune Defence, an interview with Richard Stead Phil: Richard, would you please be kind enough to…

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