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Immune System Health

We have a range of information, research and current articles on the immune system; these cover a variety of topics about immune system health, including:

  • Supplements to boost the immune system
  • Rapamycin supplements and Rapamycin dosage for life extension purposes
  • Thiocynates and how they support the immune system
  • Reishi mushrooms and their ability to modify the immune system
  • Articles from Peter Attia, M.D who focuses on life extension

Did you know?…

  1. A healthy lifestyle and positive emotions can boost your immune system.
  2. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact your immune system.
  3. Keeping things too clean can prevent your immune system from working properly; the body needs to be exposed to a certain level of germs to keep immune levels robust.
Vitamins infographic

Which Vitamins Should I Take as I Age?

25 October 2023

As we get older, our nutritional needs change. This is because our bodies undergo natural changes, such as decreased metabolism…

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Ageing and Becoming Intolerant

19 September 2023

In this article, we aren’t talking about the intolerance of naughty children or dodgy politicians – it’s about the worrying,…

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Scientists discover that ancient viral DNA can be reactivated to fight lung cancer

27 April 2023

This topic has recently been headline news. Scientists and our ancestors bring new hope to people who suffer from or…

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Liposomal technology – a nutrient transportation system at its best

23 September 2022

What is Liposomal technology? Imagine an efficient delivery service that delivers vital components to the right place at the right…

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COVID-19 text surrounded by blue Coronavirus cells

Your Immune System and The Coronavirus

20 April 2020

By Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj MD, FACP, and Vineet Polineni, B.Sc. Are you concerned about the coronavirus? Experts have deemed the…

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Red COVID-19 text with red spiky balls in the surrounding area

The Coronavirus – use self defense and fight back

27 March 2020

For those of us that have been on an aeroplane, do you remember the part in the safety announcement where…

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Vitamin C spelled out using oranges

Hospitals treating coronavirus patients with Vitamin C

27 March 2020

The latest reports from New York State have seen doctors giving critically ill Coronavirus patients extremely high doses of Vitamin…

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Magnified image of long green cells surrounded by blue cells

Trial of anti-aging drugs that rejuvenate immune system hailed a success.

28 September 2018

Middle aged adults could benefit from a short term treatment to revitalise the immune system and organs that deteriorate with…

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Woman jumping on a sandy beach wearing a yellow shirt and jeans

Fuel for Your Immune System with Boost-Pro™

5 June 2018

By Leslie J. Farer A robust immune system is crucial to health throughout one’s lifetime for protection against disease-causing pathogens,…

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A person with the thymus gland glowing in yellow

Researchers develop a technique to regenerate the mouse thymus

24 January 2018

The thymus gland is an organ in the lymphatic system serves a vital role within the immune system. In a…

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