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Vitamins & Minerals

We have a range of research, information and articles on vitamins and minerals. These cover a range of topics on the subject, including:

  • What vitamins should I be taking for my age?
  • Vitamins and supplements for cancer prevention
  • Vitamin C to fight COVID-19
  • Vitamins and minerals to enhance sports performance
  • Can chronic headaches be the result of a vitamin D deficiency?

Did you know?…

  1. Vitamins are organic substances.
  2. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and work properly.
  3. Although essential to survive, too much of one vitamin can be dangerous.

The key to healthy longevity is to be conscientious about your health and self-regulate

1 February 2024

Even though statistics show that the human race is living longer, it is predominantly due to science and technology. Science,…

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How do you feel about getting older?

29 September 2023

How do you feel about getting older? Would you prefer to end your days without losing your marbles and being…

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Energy via Synergy!

11 April 2023

When supplements work better together By Will Block Many people are aware of two popular dietary supplements, namely CoQ10 and…

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Dr. Jonathan Wright details niacinamide

13 October 2022

Since 1976, Jonathan Wright, M.D., has written about the latest natural healing discoveries in his books, newsletter, and magazine articles,…

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Liposomal technology – a nutrient transportation system at its best

23 September 2022

What is Liposomal technology? Imagine an efficient delivery service that delivers vital components to the right place at the right…

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Surgical masks, construction masks and hand sanitiser gel

Ivermectin and CV19

7 May 2021

By Will Block Given all the COVID-19 suffering, the promise for relief, and the growing vaccine side-effects, is it any…

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Vitamin C spelled out using oranges

Hospitals treating coronavirus patients with Vitamin C

27 March 2020

The latest reports from New York State have seen doctors giving critically ill Coronavirus patients extremely high doses of Vitamin…

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Close up image of pink and blue microbes

Vitamin B17: An Alternative Cancer Treatment

1 October 2018

By Leslie J. Farer If you’re a baby boomer or older, you may remember hearing about Laetrile, the highly publicized…

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Young woman standing Infront of her two increasingly older-selves

Shielding Against AGE

5 June 2018

The Crosslinkage Theory of Aging by Ward Dean, M.D. The Crosslinkage Theory of Aging was first proposed by Dr. Johan…

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Woman jumping on a sandy beach wearing a yellow shirt and jeans

Fuel for Your Immune System with Boost-Pro™

5 June 2018

By Leslie J. Farer A robust immune system is crucial to health throughout one’s lifetime for protection against disease-causing pathogens,…

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