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View a large variety of information, research and articles on peptide hormones and what they do for the body. Discover more about peptides in the following topics:

  • Anti aging with peptide hormones
  • Peptide bioregulators and the link to improved vision
  • What are peptides and how do they work?
  • How peptide bioregulators are being used in sports
  • Peptide technology for dental care

Did you know?…

  1. Peptides are being studied for treating types of cancers.
  2. Many health supplements contain peptides due to their potentiality.
  3. Peptides help to improve the firmness of the skin.

Reversing biological aging with peptide bioregulators

13 October 2022

An interview with Dr. Bill Lawrence by Phil Micans Ed.- Three years ago, I had the pleasure to interview Dr….

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Woman running on a racetrack with a DNA molecule in the foreground

Peptide bioregulators in sports and space

8 January 2021

An interview with Professor Vladimir Khavinson Professor Khavinson is the Director of the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology,…

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A sign on the side of the road with the text 'long life'

Forever Young

13 June 2019

Phil Micans interviews Dr. Bill Lawrence Dr. Lawrence has a Jurisprudence Degree (UCLA-Law), an MS in Psychology and a Ph.D….

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A blue geometric eye with computer coding in the background

Peptide Bioregulators and Vision

17 May 2019

An interview with Professor Svetlana Trofimova ST: I was born into a family of doctors, so since childhood I knew…

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A tooth shape made out of white dots and lines on a blue background

Oraltide Pro™ − the latest peptide technology for dental care

17 May 2019

  By Leslie J. Farer Oral health is essential to overall health, yet many overlook this important fact when devising…

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The peptide bioregulator revolution book cover in cartoon style

The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution

28 September 2018

By Marios Kyriazis MD This summer, my new book; ‘The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution’ is being released. The book subtitled; ‘The…

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Genomic typing of human DNA

Peptide Bioregulators – nature’s gene switches

25 April 2017

Behind every great discovery, comes an interesting story and this one is a revelation, for it begun as a military…

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Close up of a purple and blue peptide cell

The remarkable role of peptide bioregulators for human health

29 November 2016

The remarkable role of peptide bioregulators for human health (An interview with Professor Vladimir Khavinson)   In this interview, the…

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Close up of a purple and blue peptide cell

Peptide bioregulators – the discovery of gene switches in food

28 November 2016

Photo Professor Khavinson Professor Vladimir Khavinson has a long and successful career in Gerontology and Geriatrics under his belt (he…

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A cross section of two prostates, one healthy and one swollen

Alleviating the symptoms of an aging prostate

28 November 2016

Alleviating the symptoms of an aging prostate By Leslie J. Farer   Growing bald isn’t the only unwelcome sign of…

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