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Hair Loss & Balding

Hair loss & balding is one of the more common effects of aging but can have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing. We have a wealth of content around this topic including:

  • Natural hair loss treatment
  • Supplements to aid hair loss and balding such as Minoxidil
  • Genetic research to reverse hair loss / hair changes

Did you know…

  1. The term “Pogonophobia” means “the love of beards”
  2. There are a few ways to treat problems with hair growth, including Minoxidil, hair grown from stem cells and even beard transplants
  3. Natural lifestyle changes can also have a positive impact on hair growth, such as scalp massage, exercise, good sleep and diet.

The difficult disease – Lupus

17 July 2023

The difficult thing about the autoimmune rheumatic disease Lupus is that it’s hard to diagnose. Lupus symptoms come in different…

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Man with blue t-shirt and large beard putting sunglasses on

Get beardiful with Minoxidil

21 August 2019

The beard is said to be the secondary sexual characteristic unique to a man, it is facial hair that develops…

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A small white and black mouse

Genetic researchers reverse wrinkles, grey hair and balding in mice

28 September 2018

Researchers have rejuvenated mice by reversing age-related wrinkles and hair loss. It is possible that humans could get a similar…

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