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Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Take a look at a range of information, research, and articles about cardiovascular health; these cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Arterial stiffness and it’s connection to dementia
  • How to monitor your vascular condition
  • How to prevent cardiovascular disease in old age
  • The impact COVID-19 has on the cardiovascular system
  • The best supplements for heart health

Did you know?…

  1. Your heart beats around 115,000 times per day.
  2. The cardiovascular system delivers nutrients, oxygen, hormones and other substances to the organs and cells in the body.
  3. The heart is a generator of electromagnetic energy.
A 3D cross section of a vein and the red blood cells getting caught in a restricted area

Reducing arterial stiffness could reduce risk of dementia

6 December 2018

A new study by the University College London & Cardiff University has presented that people aged 50, whose blood pressure…

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Arterial Stiffness Indicator Bio Cuff Clip

BioClip®Cuff- monitoring your vascular condition

26 November 2016

BioClip®Cuff- monitoring your vascular condition The BioClip®Cuff is a simple way of assessing both your blood pressure condition and your…

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