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Parkinson's Disease

We have a wide range of information on the topic of Parkinson’s Disease, including:

  • Natural treatments and therapies.
  • The role serotonin plays in the body.
  • How pig brain cells are at the forefront of research into the choroid plexus to keep brain nerve cells healthy.

Did you know…

  1. Between 80-90% of Parkinson’s Disease cases are classified as sporadic – this means there is no known reason as to why an individual may suffer with the condition. Only a small percentage of people have Parkinson’s Disease as a result of genetics.
  2. Not all of the recommended treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is medical – recommended alternative treatment for Parkinson’s Disease includes exercise, rest, low impact weight training and even dancing.
  3. There are links with the production of Serotonin and Parkinson’s Disease; this is an important neurotransmitter that is linked to the tremors that sufferers face.
A small pink pig

Are pigs brain cells the answer to those with Parkinson’s?

21 November 2017

Living Cell Technologies, based in Aukland New Zealand have been developing a procedure that uses cells from the choroid plexus…

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Microscopic image of blue cells

Are pigs brain cells the answer to those with Parkinson’s?

14 June 2017

A new procedure has been in development that uses choroid plexus (brain) cells from pigs to keep nerve cells healthy….

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