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V3 ISSUE 41 2022

In this issue:

  • Dr Bill Lawrence reverses patients biological age!
  • Dr Ward Dean answers your questions
  • Dr Jonathan Wright details niacinamide

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Aging Matters Magazine: V3 ISSUE 40 2022

In this issue:

  • Dr. Marios Kryiazis describes cell cleaning.
  • Living longer and stronger.
  • Removing heavy metals.
  • Recommended videos.

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V3 Issue 39

In this issue:

  • An interview with Ward Dean, M.D.
  • An anti-aging brain booster.
  • The ultimate anti-wrinkle skin cream.
  • Spectacular Spermidine!

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V3 Issue 38 2021

In this issue:

  • Professor Suresh Rattan explains hormesis.
  • Supplements for Cancer, by Marios Kyriazis, MD.
  • NAD for longer lifespans.
  • Natural Antivirals.

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V3 Issue 37 2021

In this issue:

  • MSH is not just for tanning, an interview with Thierry Hertoghe MD
  • Free Radicals in aging, by Richard Lippman, Ph.D
  • Not all progesterone’s are created equal, by Dr. Nyjon Eccles
  • The holistic importance of a healthy mouth, by Brian Halvorsen, BDS

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Issue 36 2020

Articles include:
– Peptides in sports & space ( An interview with Professor Vladimir Khavinson)
– How to boost your testosterone naturally
– Growth hormone releasing peptides ( by Richard Walker, MD)
– Specialist sports supplements (by Marios Kyriazis, MD)

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ISSUE 35 2020

Articles include:

– An interview with Suzanne Somers
– Melatonin stops Cancer!
– The vitality in Aging trial
– Overcoming erectile dysfunction naturally

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Issue 34 2019

– Senolytics- how removing dead cells helps us
– Controlling blood sugars, it’s not just for diabetics
– Book reviews, some interesting reads
– A natural antiviral, the story of 1st Line

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Issue 2 2019

– Reversing cataracts
– Reversing hearing loss
– Reversing macular degeneration
– Reversing skin cancer

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Issue 1 2019

An Antiaging life-extending aphrodisiac
Forever Young
Peptide technology for dental care
Living longer with an Easter island discovery

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