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Antiviral Solutions

Natural antiviral solutions have been seen to offer an extra element of immune defence against a range of viruses and pathogens. We all know that antibiotics are becoming less effective the more the population uses them, so looking at a natural antiviral solution is the next step towards antibiotic resistance and improved health.

Did you know?…

  1. Antivirals offer additional protection against other conditions
  2. Various fungi and foods contain antiviral properties
  3. There are different antiviral products available including drinks and capsules
Blue shield with a cross and text saying virus protection

Natural Antiviral Solutions

16 July 2021

By Will Block In these troubled times, we have looked to nature to discover some agents that can be considered…

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Surgical masks, construction masks and hand sanitiser gel

Ivermectin and CV19

7 May 2021

By Will Block Given all the COVID-19 suffering, the promise for relief, and the growing vaccine side-effects, is it any…

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A blue and white shield against colourful bacteria/virus cells

The battle for effective antibiotics and antivirals continues The 1st Line™ story (so far)

20 February 2020

By Richard Stead Background 1st Line is a supplement that creates OSCN molecules in a glass of water, (otherwise known…

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Extreme close up of blue virus cells

The age of antibiotics may be coming to an end- what can we turn to?

29 November 2016

The age of antibiotics may be coming to an end- what can we turn to? By Paul Clayton, Ph.D.  …

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