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Brain Health

Our brains are amazing; they control everything we do, and as such it’s important to look after them well. Brains, like everything else in our bodies, do change as we age, and there comes a point where the brain starts to shrink (atrophy) and lose neurons. This can cause issues such as age related cognitive decline, dementia, and aphasias.

To ensure we continue to boost brain health and keep this vital organ healthy, we have covered a range of topics including:

  • The best supplements for brain health
  • How fluoride may play a role in damaging the brain, and how to counteract this
  • Different eugeroic drugs that play a role in boosting the brain

Did you know…

  1. Taking steps to boost brain health helps with a wide range of functions including cognition, emotional bonding, behaviours, and psychological states.
  2. When your brain is working at optimum levels, information can travel around the brain at up to an impressive 268 miles an hour.
  3. Research shows that the brain consists of around 86 billion neurons, which all contribute to brain clarity and functioning. As we age, or fall foul of memory related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, these neurons become damaged and no longer work properly.

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