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A new way to age, interview with Suzanne Somers

June 4th, 2020
PM: You’ve had an amazing career and life Suzanne, please tell us a little about yourself.
SS: I was born in a little town in northern California, a place where you would never expect someone like me could end up having this incredible career in life.
I was discovered in the commissary at NBC Burbank, I was sitting there by myself waiting to hear if I got a part and in walked Johnny Carson. He came over to me and said ‘hey little lady what are you doing here ‘and I said I have a call back for the Dom DeLuise show and he said ‘that’s great , he’s a friend of mine, I hope you get it’ . At that point, I had written my first book of poetry called ‘TOUCH ME’ so I handed it to him. That was Wednesday, Friday of that week I was booked on the TONIGHT SHOW the biggest and most popular national talk show in American television at that time- since everybody watched it. 
I was so broke at that time and had a little baby I was raising by myself. I was 21 years old I didn’t even have a dress to wear on the night of the
I remember  standing behind that famous curtain , so nervous, thinking ‘oh my god they must love my poetry’, and then  I heard Johnny introducing me, saying “we’ve all been wondering who the mysterious blonde in the Thunderbird is in AMERICAN GRAFFITI ! Well we found her!” Then I walked out to this tremendous applause. I was taken aback because my part in American graffiti, (which granted was the biggest grossing movie at that time ) was so small, I had never even seen the it so I didn’t realize that the blonde in the Thunderbird‘ was the pivotal character, mysterious because she was just driving around town at night in a white 57 T-Bird and the main character, RICHARD DRYFUS, was obsessed with finding her. I was only on camera for THREE seconds but GEORGE LUCAS the director, (I didn’t even know who he was) had me lit like a goddess and evidently made me look like the most beautiful woman in the world. 
For me, this was just another small part and I needed the money. I didn’t even Get a credit in the movie, although years later when I was famous, I was billed as the star of the movie. Such is Hollywood! ha ha 
Turns out Johnny Carson loved me as a guest so he started booking me on his show every month and I would read him my poems- while he would comedically mock the poetry in a way that was funny and respectful. As a result, my little book of poetry became the bestselling book of poetry that year. All those appearances eventually lead to my being hired to star in a sitcom called ‘THREE’S COMPANY. ‘It became the #1 biggest show in America. Was it luck? Was it being in the right place at the right time? Was it fate?
PM: And now today you are well known as a celebrity concerned about optimal health and antiaging- how did that come about?
SS: Well, I remained on THREE’S COMPANY for FIVE six glorious years, my popularity became tremendous in America by playing the dumbest woman on TV. I was good at it! But when my contract was over, it Became time for my contract to be renegotiated. I was aware that the men were being paid 10 to 15 times more than I was being paid on lesser shows so I asked to be paid commensurate with the men Figuring I had the number one demographics of all women on TV at that time and that this would not
be a problem. 
Unbeknownst to me the network had decided to use me as the patsy so that all the other women on Television wouldn’t start renegotiating. As a result, I was fired!
At the time I felt it was unfair and terrible but one day I heard a voice in my head, it said ‘why don’t you focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have’. I realized what I had was tremendous visibility, everybody in America knew my name, so I reinvented. I was a good singer and dancer, so my husband made a deal for me to star with my own production show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand hotel. It was a tremendous success and I loved performing. I had hired all the greatest people to put together the show for me and every night was a joy. This went on for years, and I was named LAS VEGAS female entertainer of the year, (along with Frank Sinatra who was named male Las Vegas entertainer of the year!)
As a productive person I used my days to write, I couldn’t just sit in my hotel room all day. I’ve always loved writing; it’s how I’ve worked out all the issues in my life.
My second book was called ‘KEEPING SECRETS’ about growing up the child of a violent alcoholic and what it does to you even if you don’t drink alcoholically as an adult. Well, it struck a chord and started the ‘adult children of alcoholics’ movement in America. I went on the lecture circuit and realized that all negatives can become positives by using it to work for you. This book became a #1 number the best-seller on the New York Times list (for 16 weeks). It also became a movie. Had I not been fired from THREES COMPANY I probably wouldn’t need or have the incentive to write it. 
The next book was about blending families and the new phenomena of divorce and the difficulty for the children who became collateral damage of divorce. There’s no kid who wants a new parent, I don’t care how nice. I married ALAN HAMEL and at this point we were trying to create a cohesive family. No one knew How best to do this. For us it required therapy allowing everyone to have the chance to say how they really feel in a safe environment. Those sessions healed us and today we have his beautiful family. After that I wrote a few more books, one on the effects of abuse, another on bouncing back from life events and the triumph of the human spirit, and then I wrote nine books on weight loss called SOMERSIZE- which sold  9 million copies collectively over the nine books. These books struck a chord. America embraced the high fat, high protein, high vegetable diet.  
By then I was starting to experience the symptoms of hormonal decline. No one at that time had mentioned the word Menopause. I wrote a book called; ‘THE SEXY YEARS’. I wanted to put a positive spin on it. The SEXY YEARS explained how to restore yourself to hormonal balance with bioidentical hormones. Lucky for me it struck another chord. I’ve written several books on bioidentical hormones which have sold millions of copies and started a movement. Another of my books KNOCKOUT, about doctors who are curing cancer without drugs, made a major impact selling all over the world even as we speak.
That naturally lead to the next book called TOX-SICK, exploring issues that were troubling me greatly. We are being bombarded by chemicals, we are living in the greatest environmental assault in the history of humanity and people are getting strange afflictions from this exposure and the doctors are not prepared. This is not what they studied in medical school. 
Where did all the brain afflictions come from; ADD, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dementia and Alzheimer’s? In America Alzheimer’s is an epidemic. Baby boomers have a 50% increase risk of developing Alzheimer’s and baby boomers with diabetes have an additional 50% chance of getting Alzheimer’s making their risk a 75% chance. This is a terrible thing; All these wasted brains, and worse, all the wasted wisdom lost in a fog that will never be recovered. These patients will be kept alive having no idea who they were and who they are. Tragically, at the end President Reagan didn’t know he had been President. He was such a sweet man. 
PM: And since then, you’ve written many best-selling health books, how has this progressed over the years?
SS: I realized in life that you do not choose passion, rather it chooses you. It was a natural transition and I became passionate about letting people know how the planet has changed, how it’s affecting us, and how we can help ourselves. 
By now, I had a loud voice because of my fame which worked in my favor because the doctors of note started coming to me. They were doing the work, but they couldn’t get the message out, my books allowed them to be heard and improved their businesses so they could start really helping people. it’s been extremely rewarding to be the messenger
PM: And your latest one- a new way to age- is what number?
SS: This is my 27th book and I believe ‘A NEW WAY TO AGE’ is my best book so far. It sort of fell out of me. I realized that aging is about worn out parts. Imagine if you owned a Maserati, you would never put inferior fuel into it, and you would never ignore strange sounds and ticks in your Maserati. You’d take it right to a mechanic. We humans choose not to hear the ‘language’ of the body those aches, those symptoms, particularly menopausal symptoms, where you can’t sleep, lose your libido,  your hair loses its lustre, or your skin starts to wrinkle, you can’t lose weight etc.
A NEW WAY TO AGE explains how to replace all in which you have lost such as replacing Lost hormones, lab testing to determine your nutrient and mineral deficiencies, lab testing to determine your personal toxic burden.
There’s much, much more but this book makes it really easy for the reader to apply to themselves and they know where to go to get the proper testing and finding the proper doctor today.  
All doctors are not created equal, there are those that came out of medical school and are stuck in that thinking of allopathic. And then there are the doctors I interview who are Bonafede MDs educated at fine medical institutions but realized we’ve hit a wall with allopathic medicine which is show me the problem is the prescription. So, they took the chance to step out of their safe ‘standard of care box’ to do it a different way. 
The doctors in my book treat a different way yet when drugs are necessary, they understand that. Pain and infection are controlled by pharmaceutical drugs and when you need them it’s a godsend. 
When I start a book, I make myself a blank slate to see what emerges. I’m not a doctor but I’m passionate about health and this book surprised me with talk about what I call the ‘collective consciousness ‘meaning the doctors are now consciously aware of the necessity for CELLULAR health. It makes sense to me being that each human being is approximately 40 trillion cells. 
This is true regeneration, true age reversal through breakthrough science such as removal of senescent cells. 
As we age our cells gather debris just like the pipes in your home get clogged and then you have to call the Roto Rooter man to come and clean them out and now your pipes work better. Removing cellular debris is possible by taking a supplement I write about, once a week. Essentially, this supplement cleans out your cells making them operate younger, thus  making you younger, making you have more energy, also restoring YOUR youthful levels of NAD a new supplement or if your health is precarious you might prefer NAD by IV treatment to). Its function is to repair cellular damage. 
Right there with those two supplements, you’re making a huge difference in your energy and health and while you are doing this you are turning back the clock.
PM: Gosh! That’s brilliant and congratulations on keeping up the hard work to continue to create these great epistles. What’s new in your latest publication?
SS: What’s new is the acceptance. On this book tour not one interviewer or person attacked me. I was treated with respect and the book shot to #1. In its category the first day.
But what I realized the most is that the people are finally ready to hear this message. They see me and want what I have. I’m very  open about my age and my looks are clearly natural .
What I do is keep my insides young, my cells, my hormones, my organs, my glands, by eating only organic food that i grow myself) plus supplementation. It’s up to each one of us to take good and tender care of ourselves. No one will care as much about you as you. 
Along the way my devotees and followers have always stayed with me as well as the doctors I feature. And now, best of all doctors are switching over. The patients are demanding it, they are swarming to the integrative and alternative doctors in droves. Doctors who realize this are switching over and it’s very satisfying. My readers are informed making it easier for the doctor to not have to start with each patient in kindergarten. My readers are educated and informed so they can ask more intelligent questions
When I first started out, I could only find 30 doctors in America who (are) were informed in alternatives. Now there are millions of these doctors all over the world. Hopefully my books have had a little something to do with it.
PM: Having read it, I really appreciate the fact that you ‘live the advice you offer.’ In other words, you don’t just talk about the path, you walk it too. Please tell us what is important to you.
SS: What’s important to me is to tell the truth. What is also important to know is that you can do everything right and that because of the environment and the world in which we live is so polluted and filled with EMF’s and electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones that are always on our person, plus we are bombarded from our computers night and day. Clearly, we are all going to be affected. It’s an experiment on us. But if it were to happen to you, if you were to be affected by the environment or cancer, the information in this book will give you the tools to make your body better able to fight and win.
PM: May I say that you look terrific for 73, what are your plans for the future?
SS: To never stop! I love what I do. I make sure to enjoy each day and to be grateful for the love in my life, my incredible husband, my health, my wonderful food, my beautiful family. I am ‘present’. I try not to miss anything. There’s a beautiful quote by Lao Tsu; 
“If you are depressed you are living in the past 
If you are anxious you are living in the future 
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

I work hard to always be ‘present’ and I am at peace.
PM: Of course, I recommend that folks go and get your latest book which is available in all good bookstores; where can people stay in touch with what you are doing?
SS: I urge people to go to for information, and products such as my incredible Suzanne Organics, SKIN CARE, HAIR CARE, cosmetics , totally clean, and toxic free (skin care), make up, toxic free lipstick without lead, and so much mire. I urge your readers to take a look. We’ve worked so hard on making them the best and purist product available. We also make household cleaning products from colloidal silver.
I also urge your readers to go to my Facebook Live shows two or three times a week, my BIG AL’S. BAR or sometimes I do them from my bed. Yesterday, I did a show from my outdoor bathtub tub in the wilderness to have fun using my organic bath and body products. I make it fun, kind of sexy talking to them and seeing the questions and explaining about all our different products. I have to say my most popular shows are at our bar at our home (called Big Al’s Bar). I invite them at 5 o’clock to come and have a tequila with us and thousands come, and we have so much fun and sometimes we are a little naughty. All our shows are archived at my Facebook page.
PM: Suzanne, I can’t thank you enough for your time today and to use a British expression- more power to your elbow!
SS: Thank you, Phil, it has been fun and I am honored to be introduced to your European audience. I love your message, I love your magazine , I love your products,  I love the doctors some of whom I’ve featured in my new book A NEW WAY TO AGE, such as Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and Dr. Walter Pierpaoli and present his valuable contributions regarding TRH and melatonin- which I take regularly. 
It’s been my honor to present them and I thank you again.


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