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Boosting Testosterone

We all have testosterone present in our bodies, with men having much higher levels than women – it is the primary sex hormone (androgen) in the male body. Testosterone is essential for a wide range of metabolic functions including bone mass, muscle mass, enhancing mood as well as vitality and libido.

Many people look to increase or boost testosterone levels, as higher levels can lead to increased muscle mass and strength. There are a number of natural ways to boost testosterone, both by taking supplements and also making lifestyle changes to help boost testosterone levels.

Topics covered include:

  • Links between testosterone and libido
  • How women may benefit from increased testosterone levels after menopause
  • Natural supplements to boost testosterone levels are often sought as alternatives to ED medication.

Did you know…

  1. Natural supplements to boost testosterone are a compound of different minerals, amino acids and herbs.
  2. People with low testosterone have symptoms including low libido, disturbed sleep, fatigue, weight gain and fertility issues.
  3. Weight gain in turn plays a big part in testosterone levels, so someone who is obese may have lower levels than someone who is not.
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