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Discover content from a range of hot topics in the antiaging world here, including:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Heavy metals and the impact they have on the body
  • COVID-19
  • Clinical Trials
  • New treatments and natural alternatives to conventional medications
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Ageing and Becoming Intolerant

19 September 2023

In this article, we aren’t talking about the intolerance of naughty children or dodgy politicians – it’s about the worrying,…

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Pairing humans and other anti-ageing strategies

4 September 2023

Do you think it would be unethical to pair humans to add years to a person’s lifespan by surgically joining…

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Living your life is a story of energy flow

23 August 2023

Good sense and good health are two of life’s greatest blessings. They are the two things that change significantly as…

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A chemical cocktail for age reversal to revolutionise the treatment of ageing

18 August 2023

The latest discovery is an age-reversal breakthrough that could enable whole-body rejuvenation, using a chemical approach to revolutionise the treatment…

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The little trees that can fight free radicals and protect the small intestines

9 August 2023

Often referred to as little trees, the vegetable broccoli has made the health headlines. New research published in the journal,…

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It’s the hottest year on record

28 July 2023

Thousands of holidaymakers were looking forward to laying in the sun this summer in countries across southern Europe hoping to…

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Osairis – AI technology to reduce waiting time for radiotherapy

21 July 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is empowering medical specialists. Project Osairis, developed by the NHS and Microsoft, can reduce waiting time from…

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The difficult disease – Lupus

17 July 2023

The difficult thing about the autoimmune rheumatic disease Lupus is that it’s hard to diagnose. Lupus symptoms come in different…

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Spermidine boosts your body’s recycling centre

30 June 2023

Don’t panic, but you should know that one million cells in your body die every second. In 80 to 100…

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Did you know we have zombie cells in our bodies?

27 June 2023

Senescence is the name given to the biological ageing process which involves a build-up of senescent cells, otherwise known as…

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