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Large range of research, information and articles on peptide bioregulators and the benefits they can have on the body. Find out more about bioregulators in the following topics:

  • Anti aging with peptide bioregulators
  • Peptide bioregulators to normalise the function of the stomach
  • Peptide bioregulators to enhance sports performance
  • Enhanced vision with bioregulators
  • Peptide bioregulators to improve the performance of blood vessels

Did you know?…

  1. Peptide bioregulators can have antiaging properties.
  2. Some peptides can promote wound healing.
  3. Peptides can help to improve the skin.
Blue direction sign with the text liver damage in white

Alcohol liver disease increased by 21% during the pandemic

13 September 2021

Liver disease – the silent killer. The human body is built to repair itself and the liver is the only…

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Animated image of kidneys in blue and purple

How can you reduce the risk of developing kidney disease?

1 September 2021

Healthy kidneys are remarkable, they remove things at the right time, in the right way and pass as little as…

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