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Hearing Disorders

We cover a wide range of topics about different hearing disorders and complaints, including:

  • Hormones such as Aldosterone, which have been found to improve life for those with hearing loss
  • Natural hearing loss through aging
  • Biological changes that impact hearing

Did you know?…

  1. The inner ear contains approximately 15,000 hair cells that vibrate to sound.
  2. It is not just those who have aged who suffer hearing loss; a large number of people who have this condition are under the age of 65
  3. The inner ear is no bigger than the circumference of a standard pencil
Dark grey rat

Researchers reduce the severity of hereditary deafness in mice with CRISPR

3 January 2018

Research has shown that the CRISPR genome editing method can slow down progressive deafness – trialled in mice, this advance…

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A woman cupping her ear to hear better

Aldosterone, the hearing hormone

26 November 2016

Improved word recognition for those with hearing loss By Dr. Richard Lippman   Researchers have discovered yet another hearing breakthrough…

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