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Erectile Dysfunction

We have a range of articles covering the topic of erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Alternative erectile dysfunction treatments
  • Adrafinil for erectile dysfunction
  • How exercise can be beneficial for ED
  • Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction

Did you know…

  1. A man’s level of testosterone peaks in their late teens and it’s quite common that at the age of 25 onwards the testosterone levels start to drop.
  2. There are many reasons why a man may suffer with low libido, including relationship issues, mental health, lifestyle changes, physical health and diet.
  3. Lifestyle adjustments such as healthy eating, exercising and making time to relax and sleep can be the first step on the road to ensuring a higher libido.
A man looking down into his underwear confused

Erectile dysfunction and a standing ovation

17 July 2019

What does eric shin, standing ovation, rocket in my pocket, unicorning and boner have in common?  They are all slang…

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