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Discover a range of information and research articles on metformin. Find out more about metformin and its health benefits in the following topics:

  • Can metformin reduce COVID-19 mortality rates?
  • Does metformin prolong life?
  • Benefits of metformin for PCOS
  • Metformin for those who suffer with MS
  • Metformin anti aging properties

Did you know?…

  1. Metformin can be used to help treat and prevent type 2 diabetes.
  2. Metformin can help to prevent age related diseases.
  3. Numerous cancers can be improved with metformin.
Diabetes dial with arm on an alarming level

Can we halt the rise in diabetes by 2025?

5 August 2021

This year sees the 100th anniversary of turning diabetes from a death sentence to a condition with the use of…

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A 3D diagram of a woman's body with a highlight on the reproductive system

Long-term Metformin in PCOS benefits women of all weights

29 January 2018

New findings present that Metformin improves the menstrual cycle and reduces body mass index, testosterone and luteinizing hormone within 6…

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