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A young man’s libido – eat, sex, sleep and repeat

July 22nd, 2019

Are you a young man who is struggling to find the desire to rise to the occasion?

You’ve lost your mojo? 

You no longer live by the rule eat, sex, sleep and repeat? 

If you are, don’t stress about it, read about it – you’re not abnormal. If you need help to build your sex drive there is plenty of help available. 

Human sexual beings…

There is this expectation in life that we should all be sexual beings but the fact is, not all of us are or can be and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

You’re not abnormal if you have low libido, in fact, the experts say there’s no such thing as a ‘normal libido level’. We are all different and lead different lives if you don’t want to have rampant sex on a regular basis, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – whatever your age. 

Young or old, in fact, one in five men have low libido and it doesn’t mean that it’s a permanent thing, it’s very rare that you lose your mojo and it’s gone forever. 

A man’s manhood…

Some men think, especially the younger generation, that they should want sex all the time and see a loss of libido as a failing on their ‘manhood’. The reality is, you don’t have total control over your body all the time. We are human beings, we aren’t robots programmed to fulfil every need of our own or others around us like our partners. There are so many variables that can affect your sex drive. Very rarely is life ‘just like in the movies’, where sex or lovemaking is a faultless performance where a man gets an instant ‘hard on’ that can last through five love songs or all night until the sun comes up. 

Myths and gross exaggeration…

It is said by some that men think about sex every seven seconds – that equates to five hundred times an hour and eight thousand times in sixteen hours! Surely that’s a myth and gross exaggeration? If not, how do men get much time to focus on anything else? How do they drive safely or perform heart surgery?

There’s no real research to back that statistic up, however, according to research by the Kinsey Institute, men do think about sex quite a bit and their tests revealed 54% of men said they think about sex several times a day, 43% a few times a week and 4% said less than once in a month. 

I’m sure Austin Powers, the international man of mystery with an overactive mojo would most probably say every five seconds, at least! Yet again, life isn’t like what it is in the movies and sometimes it’s easy to think it should be which creates added pressure.  

Low libido…

A lowering or loss of libido can be a result of many things, commonly a lack of testosterone in the body. A man’s level of testosterone peaks in their late teens and it’s quite common that at the age of 25 onwards the testosterone levels start to drop. 

Low testosterone

Low testosterone can account for lack of sex drive, a low sperm count, less muscle mass, increased body fat, poor cognition, less ambition, tiredness and no energy.

Blood tests can reveal the level of testosterone in a man and levels below 300 nanograms should be addressed. If you have concerns about your libido and testosterone levels, you should visit your GP.

Other reasons for low libido could be: 

  • Mental health – low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, feelings of failure or thoughts of suicide can obviously affect your libido. It’s really important that you talk to someone about those feelings
  • Relationship issues – emotions can affect your body in many ways and the .lack of sexual desire or your libido not matching that of your partner can affect a relationship. If it is a problem, don’t give up, talk and seek help
  • Lifestyle changes and challenges (good or bad) – a change of circumstances like where you live, babies, weddings, loss, post-traumatic stress and financial changes can also play a part in the loss of libido
  • Physical health – exhaustion, underlying health problems and long-term medical conditions can affect your sex drive. The use of medication for an ailment, drug use, alcohol abuse or smoking can play a large part too
  • Diet – not eating a diet rich in vegetables, low in sugar and high in lean proteins can result in disorders that affect libido. A bad diet can result in obesity which in turn can create health issues that will also affect your sex drive


What can you do about low libido?


  • Visit your GP and ask for advice – your GP will most probably ask you questions about your lifestyle, do some physical checks and take a blood test if they think it is required
  • If it’s affecting your relationship, talk to your partner – not only is it a good idea to speak to your GP but if low libido is affecting your relationship, it would be a good idea to explain to your partner how you are feeling
  • Improving your relationship – doing things such as a ‘date night’, role-playing and focusing on foreplay can help build sexual feelings
  • Stress management – identify what is causing stress in your life and address it. There is plenty of help available for stress management, for example, life coaching, therapy, CBT, hypnotherapy, meditation and more 
  • Hormone replacement – your GP can take blood tests to see if your testosterone level is low. If it is they can give you the option of a hormone replacement and injection called ‘Sustanon’. Viagra isn’t ideal for low libido, it helps a man get an erection, not increase his sexual drive
  • Change of lifestyle – if your job is sedentary, you are unable to find time to exercise, you smoke, take drugs, party hard or exercise too much it can affect your libido so it might be time for a lifestyle change. Get more active, give up smoking, drink sensibly and get more sleep
  • Nutrition – a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals is very beneficial. There are specific foods that are said to boost libido, for example, figs, chocolate, herbs and garlic. Taking an appropriate supplement is an effective and natural way to boost your mojo
  • Sex therapy – sexual desire is complex both physically and mentally and using a sex therapist may be the help that you need. You can discuss issues with an expert and learn about coping mechanisms


Medicines and injections.

Some men can experience harsh side effects from taking medication or having injections to boost their levels of testosterone in the hope that their sex drive will increase. 

Sustanon injections – dosage and side effects.


There are natural safe options to increase libido…

There are natural alternatives, safe and effective testosterone enhancers, supplements that are made up of a blend of herbal medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals. 

The TestoXLR8PRO supplement enhances leydig cell proliferation, the cells that make testosterone. This supplement also prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen. If a man took or produced too much estrogen, over time there would be a negative effect on their sex drive.

VigorPRO is another formula to aid a man’s strength and frequency of erections. It also helps to drive libido and the urge to have sex. Erectile dysfunction is a common medical problem affecting over 150 million worldwide. VigorPRO is a natural, safe, and effective supplement. More information available:

There is more to life than sex…

There is more to life than sex, however, if having a low libido is causing you some issues, it might be time to consider making adjustments to your lifestyle. 

Start the natural way by eating healthy, drinking sensibly, doing exercise and having time for relaxation and good sleep. 

Compliment your healthy diet by taking natural supplements and most importantly …

Eat, enjoy life, sleep and repeat!

Find out more about the TestoXLR8PRO here.






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