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  • New treatments and natural alternatives to conventional medications
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
A class of milk splashing out of the top

Cow’s Milk- Decreasing your body’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone medication

11 October 2017

Are you diagnosed or know someone with an under-active thyroid? A recent preliminary study finds that ingesting the common oral…

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Red spiky virus molecules

Without a cure on the horizon, are Herpes sufferers missing out on BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)?

25 July 2017

According to the World Health Organisation (Jan 2017); an estimated 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 (60%) worldwide…

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A broccoli shaped like a brain with carrots coming off of it

Can Broccoli Extracts Significantly Reduce Blood Sugar in Diabetics?

19 June 2017

Doctors could soon be prescribing broccoli; a supplement containing concentrated broccoli extract could prove to be essential to those suffering…

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Microscopic image of blue cells

Are pigs brain cells the answer to those with Parkinson’s?

14 June 2017

Living Cell Technologies, based in Aukland New Zealand have been developing a procedure that uses cells from the choroid plexus…

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A little brown mouse sitting in a bowl of cereal hoops

Binge-Eating Neurons Identified

1 June 2017

Study finds inducing activity in the zona incerta portion of the brain, prompts mice to gorge themselves. Yale University neuroscientists…

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A man in a blue suit holding a clock in front of his face

How to Tell a Persons “Brain Age”

31 May 2017

In recent years, scientists have delved into molecular depths of the human body and discovered the bio-markers of aging, some…

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Man sitting at a desk and feeling stressed about his laptop

Could a vitamin D deficiency be causing chronic headaches?

23 May 2017

A research paper published on May 3, 2017 in the journal of head and face pain, managed a control study….

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Blue DNA strands

Crucial step discovered in DNA repair, cellular aging

22 May 2017

Research led by scientists at the Harvard Medical School, have revealed a crucial step in a molecular chain of events…

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A purple B logo with a mouse outline

Does exercise help to improve your memory?

29 November 2016

Does exercise help to improve your memory? Research suggests that exercise can boost cognitive function. This may be because exercise…

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4 different colour sugar mice

What causes overeating?

29 November 2016

What causes overeating? Obesity is a health risk in many parts of the world and one third of Americans are…

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