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Toxic invasion and premature ageing

July 12th, 2022

Our bodies are invaded by toxins every day, from outside and inside the home. The body can eliminate harmful toxins but toxins can be problematic to the health system if they build up and get beyond control causing cellular dysfunction. Scientists are trying to create a way to block toxic biological damage because over-exposure to toxins can lead to free-radical production in the body which damages our DNA and tissues. Unrepaired DNA damage can cause premature ageing and disease.

Toxin overload and elimination

A toxin is a substance produced from plants, animals or microorganisms that are poisonous and have harmful effects on the body. Once the body’s internal mechanisms are exposed to toxins, the body increases elimination output. If the elimination process fails, it stores toxins in fat tissue and around vital internal organs. Over-exposure to toxins combined with the normal body tissue deterioration associated with ageing can result in premature ageing. 

How does toxin elimination work?

Toxin elimination happens through the kidneys, liver, colon, skin, lungs and mucus linings in the nose and ears. Toxins are absorbed through inhilation or dermal ingestion. Elimination occurs through a natural process such as weeing, pooing, vomiting, exhaling, coughing and sneezing. A toxin overload can cause the kidneys and liver to work too hard which can result in low energy, skin problems and an impaired immune system. When the immune system is weak, disease and neurological disorders can become a serious problem. 

Air pollution is the big killer!

Our bodies are invaded by pesticides, solvents, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and industrial gases. WHO, the World Health Organisation say 90% of the population is enduring toxic outdoor air pollution and a bigger killer than smoking. Air pollution damages every organ in the body and virtually every cell from head to toe resulting in premature ageing, heart, lung and liver diseases, diabetes, bladder, bones and skin conditions. 

The amount of toxic pollution a person endures depends on demographics and choices. Individually we can reduce our exposure to toxins by our choices to some degree. 

  1.  Dietary factors – you should educate yourself about processed foods and heavy metals found in what you eat. 

We consume toxins from processed foods and foods containing heavy metals. Mercury is found in fish, arsenic in rice and lead in boiled bone broth for example. Highly processed and refined foods contain synthetic chemicals and other harmful ingredients. These types of toxins can cause faster tissue breakdown and cellular damage. You should educate yourself about the toxicity of the foods that you eat. Fish is very good for you in moderation, as a guide, it is recommended that you shouldn’t eat more than three cans of tuna a week due to heavy metals found in tuna, however, tuna is nutritionally good for you too so you shouldn’t take it off the menu. Skins on fruits and vegetables should be well washed or peeled due to the use of pesticides or synthetic coatings. 

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption – having one too many, too many times will weigh heavy on your liver so don’t drink like a fish.

Your liver metabolizes more than 90% of the alcohol you consume. Liver enzymes metabolize alcohol to acetaldehyde, a known toxic cancer-causing chemical. Excessive drinking can severely damage your liver function by causing fat buildup, inflammation, and scarring. This prevents your liver from functioning adequately including filtering waste and toxins from the body. 

  1. Smoking – this includes tobacco and e-cigarettes, giving up smoking is the way to go.

E-cigarettes contain cadmium and other heavy metals like lead and copper. Smoking tobacco wreaks havoc on your health, even just smoking one cigarette a day. The inhalation of toxins causes wear and tear on the body’s cells and tissue causing disease and premature ageing which includes wrinkles, especially around the face. The best thing to do is give up smoking!

  1. Drugs – of any kind!

Prescription or recreational drugs can cause toxic damage if not taken in a controlled, monitored manner. Drugs can become harmful or poisonous if a dose is too high or a person cannot metabolise the drug. Drug toxicity can have permanent effects and can slowly destroy vital systems and functions in the body. Listen to the warnings and take your doctor’s advice. 

     5.Vehicle fumes and carbon monoxide

Vehicles produce the poisonous gas carbon monoxide which is released into the air and inhaled. Ultra fine particles pass through the lungs and are picked up by cells that are then carried through the bloodstream. Toxic fumes are a primary cause of premature ageing. Whilst the government have declared air pollution a health emergency and is taking steps, there are things you can do for yourself. For example, don’t walk or jog in built-up areas next to roads with lots of traffic. Aeroplanes are also responsible for a lot of air pollution and the development of airports needs to be restricted. 

Cleaning, beauty and living conditions…

Some cleaning or building products contain harmful, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products that we use to build and maintain our homes. Some cosmetics and beauty products are contaminated with heavy metals. A well-known brand had its talcum powder taken off the market because it was found to contain asbestos. For cosmetologists, barbers, hairstylists and nail technicians personal procedures should be in place to protect themselves when using products, for example, wearing masks and gloves. Carbon monoxide is a gas produced in a boiler used to generate heat or hot water. When fuel is not burned completely due to a lack of oxygen, a build-up of carbon monoxide in the home can be deadly. The deadly gas is also produced by lit fires in the home and that is why it is very important to have a boiler serviced and a chimney swept for home safety. 

A build-up of toxins in the body can result in many negative conditions such as:

  • Damage to organs, cells and tissues all over the human body
  • Potential damage to an unborn baby
  • Impaired immune system
  • Acute and chronic diseases
  • Premature ageing
  • Brain disorders
  • Muscle aches
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Skin conditions
  • Constipation

The toxic invasion of a human body can result in an ongoing list of ailments because of the amount of destruction it causes to the cells, tissues and organs in the body. The body can get to a point where it needs additional help to flush out toxins and improve an individual’s ability to metabolise, compensate and recover from exposure to adverse stressors leading to altered homeostasis of key biological systems. 

How can you detox your body?

  • Educate yourself about toxins and make adjustments to your life
  • Limit alcohol
  • Focus on sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Reduce caffeine intake
  • Reduce the intake of sugar and processed foods
  • Eat anti-oxidant-rich food
  • Eat foods high in prebiotics
  • Decrease salt intake
  • Stay active
  • Switch to organic produce and products
  • Use natural body care
  • Stay away from built-up areas
  • Maintain your boiler
  • Have your chimney swept
  • Have good ventilation in your home
  • Wear a mask in a toxic environment
  • Wash your skin after being exposed to a toxic environment
  • Take a supplement for detoxification. A product worth mentioning is NACPro with a powerful antioxidant and detoxification agent. 
  • Another important supplement is EDTA-ethylenediaminetetraacetic (EDTAPro™) – The world’s most popular chelation supplement. A potent chelating agent that supports the removal of heavy metals and harmful mineral deposits from the body’s tissues and organs.

It’s good to treat yourself now and then to a couple glasses of wine, a packet of crisps or a piece of cake but eat everything in moderation and be aware of what you are putting in your body. As an individual, you should reduce exposure to toxins to reduce the risk of premature ageing, remain disease-free and extend your life. 





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