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Anti Aging Clinical Trials

There are always clinical trials ongoing that focus on different areas of anti aging and related conditions; our magazine has focused on a number of these including:

  • Age related macular degeneration clinical trials
  • Clinical trials on anti-aging skin care
  • Metformin and how it may be the answer for MS sufferers
  • Stem cells and how they may increase strength as we age
  • Anti-aging drugs that may work to rejuvenate the immune system

Did you know…

  1. Anti aging clinical trials look at aspects like whether it is possible to age without growing fragile, or how to improve your strength and immune system as you age.
  2. Many people are interested in anti aging skin care trials, as visual appearance is a big factor in mental wellbeing as we age.
  3. The majority of clinical trials take around 6-7 years to complete in full, with a minimum of 4 phases to each.
Close up of a blue, red and yellow enzyme cell

Researchers Discover Inhibiting enzyme common to all mammals shows anti-aging potential

5 December 2017

Researchers have discovered something new in the mission to extend the lifespan of mammals. Inhibiting a common enzyme found in…

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4 Easter Island heads on a hill

Rapamycin Inhibits The Effects Of Senescent Cells

22 November 2017

Rapamycin is one of the most well-known longevity drugs under study. It was originally found in 1972 in a soil…

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A small pink pig

Are pigs brain cells the answer to those with Parkinson’s?

21 November 2017

Living Cell Technologies, based in Aukland New Zealand have been developing a procedure that uses cells from the choroid plexus…

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Little brown mouse

The Time Machine Drug That’s Reversing Aging in Animal Tests

12 October 2017

Anti-aging medicine refers exclusively to slowing, preventing, or reversing the process of aging. In recent news, scientists have revealed a…

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Microscopic image of blue cells

Are pigs brain cells the answer to those with Parkinson’s?

14 June 2017

A new procedure has been in development that uses choroid plexus (brain) cells from pigs to keep nerve cells healthy….

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Blue DNA strands

Crucial step discovered in DNA repair, cellular aging

22 May 2017

Research led by scientists at the Harvard Medical School, have revealed a crucial step in a molecular chain of events…

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3 trees shaped as humans heads with the leaves gradually fading in the brain area

Deprenyl and Alzheimer’s disease—update

28 November 2016

Deprenyl and Alzheimer’s disease—update By Ward Dean, M.D. Deprenyl (aka seligiline, trade names Eldepryl®, Jumex®) was discovered in Hungary in…

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Telomere Lengthening in Humans

25 November 2016

Recent discoveries in how telomeres work and how the telomerase enzyme can help to lengthen them have caused both controversy…

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