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Life energy and having the energy to live

November 12th, 2021

We lead busy lives and experience lifestyle-related challenges and tiredness whether that be because of work, family or activities. How often do we say to ourselves, “well that was a waste of my time and effort”? Effort and energy are much the same, energy comes in 4 ways – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By balancing your life energy, you will have more energy to live, that’s what Amanda did and we are going to explain how. 


Physical energy is your base energy.

Physical energy is the base energy that gives us the strength to do things, feel emotion and process our thoughts. Sometimes we end our day with “I’m so tired I can’t even think straight right now” because you’re physically tired and it’s affecting your ability to process things. When we talk about physical energy, it’s not just ‘movement’, it also includes physiological factors – the way our organs function to allow us to survive and make choices.


Our physical energy consists of 4 parts – fitness, nutrition, sleep and renewal.

  1. Fitness 

Fitness is how well you transfer oxygen through your body allowing your organs to function and enabling your body to do things. If you can create a ‘fitness habit’, for example, going to the gym regularly or walking every day, it gives you the capability to do more. Being physically fit has so many health benefits that can potentially change your life giving you the energy to live it to the fullest.

  1. Nutrition 

Food and water is the fuel that our body needs to be able to be physical and allow our organs to function. If you eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated it can maintain the functions of your vital organs, boost your immune system and allow you to move efficiently and effectively. A good nutritional diet can prevent disease and enhance your existence.

  1. Sleep

Only 20-30% of people get the recommended amount of sleep which is around 7 hours. Our sleep patterns can be affected by many things such as stress, illness or parenting for example. It can also be from a condition such as restless legs, insomnia, chronic fatigue, SAD or narcolepsy. When you sleep your brain has time to process information, produce essential hormones and give your body time to recover.

  1. Renewal 

It’s important to allow your body to rest, we need pitstops during the day to recharge our batteries. We can do this by scheduling rest times such as a nap, meditating or reading. It’s really important not to overdo things in life and avoid situations that don’t allow you to relax. Sometimes you need to step away from toxic and stressful environments and make time for yourself. Reconfigure, re-evaluate and approach things with fresh eyes and a clear mind.


Are you struggling to find the energy to do things? Are you stressed, unproductive and overtired? Sometimes, it can take a small change in your life to make a big difference in your energy levels and here is how Amanda did just that. 


The 5 O’clock club

Amanda is a working mum with two small children and she was struggling to find the time to exercise, to keep the home running smoothly, to be a great mum and hold down a job. Her life was becoming a survival mission, she was getting unfit, gaining weight and having big mood swings. It was affecting her relationship with her partner, her children and with people at her work. Her weekday evenings were spent much like a lot of parents do – after school clubs, cooking dinner, helping with homework and reaching out for a glass of wine and sometimes finishing a whole bottle.


Every weekday Amanda used to go to bed around midnight and set her alarm for 7 am. Her children would sometimes wake in the night but they would normally get up around 7.30 in the morning. Amanda’s partner would leave for work and she had to juggle preparing the children for school and trying to get herself ready for work and make packed lunches. It all became too much and she decided to make some changes to her life in the hope that it would stop her from feeling so exhausted all the time.


Amanda decided to join the ‘5 O’clock club’ to help boost her energy and get more done, she had seen another woman talking about the coping strategy on social media. The concept of the ‘5 O’clock club’ is you go to bed at 10 pm and set your alarm for 5 am. It took Amanda a while to get used to it but eventually, it gave her a new lease of life because she created more time for herself to achieve her goals.


Now, Amanda does a form of exercise when she gets up at 5 am, she then has a shower and gets herself ready for work. She prepares the breakfast and school lunches, looks at her work emails and creates a schedule with allocated time for things she needs to do at the end of the day. When the kids get up at 7.30 am Amanda feels in more control of her life physically and mentally. At the end of her day, Amanda knows she has to be in bed by 10 pm, she has now eliminated all stimulants that were preventing her from falling asleep quickly when she used to go to bed around midnight. Of course, she does look forward to her weekends or days off when life doesn’t need to be so structured. However, she needed to make a change with her physical energy which in turn improved her emotional, mental and spiritual energy. 


Amanda’s fitness improved, she felt more energetic and didn’t need to rush around so much when the kids got up. She had time to make sure that the children didn’t forget anything which was a situation that would normally cause an argument in the car on the way to school and create bad feelings when the children got out of the car to go into school. Amanda’s newfound control also improved her attitude towards her job and all the other things involved in her life. She chose not to allow small problems to irritate her so much, the things that she would let build up and that would normally debilitate her when she needed to deal with big problems. 


A lot of people may face even more challenges than Amanda but the concept and disciplines are the same. If you want to boost your energy levels allowing you to live the best life possible, two of the most important things are acceptance and choice. Accept that something needs to change if you are exhausted all the time and choose to balance your life energy.


Things that can affect your energy levels:

It’s normal to feel tired and lethargic at times, as we age we lose stamina and energy and things start to slow down. There can be an obvious reason for a lack of energy, for example:


  • Cold, flu, allergies or viral infection
  • Disease, medical conditions, medications or treatments
  • Mental or physical challenges – stress or a disability
  • Missed or disrupted sleep from noise levels
  • Inactivity and depression


What can you do to increase your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state?

  • Deal with situations that are disrupting your flow of energy if possible. That could be symptoms of illness, lifestyle stress, family or your environment for example
  • Avoid procrastination, arguments and things that encourage negative thinking or aggression all of which consumes large amounts of emotional energy
  • Make time for fitness, relaxation, mindfulness and self-care in general. You need to maintain good physical energy to live a happy and healthy life
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet and stay hydrated. Lack of good nutrition, dehydration and overindulgence can lead to physical and mental issues
  • Aim to get 7 hours of sleep a night. Have a good bedtime routine – reduce stimulants such as coffee and alcohol in the evening, avoid electronics at bedtime and don’t have your bedroom temperature too warm
  • Reduce sugar, high fats and salt content in your food
  • Limit alcohol consumption but a glass of red wine now and then does have health benefits. Red wine is full of antioxidants!
  • Avoid smoking or taking drugs
  • Seek professional guidance if you are struggling physically or mentally
  • Take energising supplements


Not sure what food and drinks to consume to give you more energy? We’ve researched that for you.

  • Bananas, apples, strawberries, oranges, leafy green vegetables, beets, coji berries, sweet potatoes
  • Seeds, beans, nuts, popcorn, edamame
  • Green tea, coffee, water, yerba mate
  • Brown rice, quinoa, lentils, oatmeal
  • Eggs, yoghurt, hummus, fatty fish, dark chocolate


These are all healthy options and are easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

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Life energy is the key to good physical and mental health.


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