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The remarkable role of peptide bioregulators for human health

November 29th, 2016

The remarkable role of peptide bioregulators for human health

(An interview with Professor Vladimir Khavinson)


In this interview, the current President of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, (European Region) and Head of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Professor Vladimir Khavinson, discusses with Phil Micans the role of peptide bioregulators and their ability to create a protective biological reserve for health and aging.


PM: “Professor Khavinson, it’s a privilege to talk with you today about the peptide bioregulators that you have discovered.”

VK: “Thank you Phil, of course this discovery was the result of much research.”

PM: “Indeed, I have read many of your papers and listened to your lectures. But for our readers, could you please describe how it all began?”

VK: “The journey began in the 1980s when I was a medical Colonel in the then Soviet army. The Kremlin was concerned about new American weapons such as a battlefield laser that would blind troops, or the fact that our submariners’ and missile silo operators were being exposed to low levels of radiation for long periods. They wanted answers that would help protect and maintain the troops’ health and indeed reverse various conditions. In fact, because of their jobs, some of these individuals were literally showing signs of premature aging; so we could say we were developing an antiaging medicine.”

PM: “Fascinating and presumably the resources of the State were behind you?”

VK: “Yes they were, and of course it was all a military secret then. I have to say that I don’t believe it would be possible to repeat much of our research today, because then we could virtually ask for what we wanted and it was made available. Today the cost would be very great for pure research- without a known goal.”

PM: “So what did you discover?”

VK: “We discovered and have widely published that short-chain peptides have a very important role. They are a short-cut to protein synthesis, that each gland/ organ uses a very specific peptide that acts like a gene switch; reinvigorating, triggering if you will a biological reserve. Accordingly, we have named them peptide bioregulators. Importantly we have shown that these peptides can be taken by mouth and make their way into the bloodstream.”

PM: “So, by assumption if one was to ingest the peptide bioregulator for the testes, could a man expect more testosterone release, is that the idea?”

VK: “Yes and often there are more functions beside, so in your example there is also increased spermogenesis.”

PM: “I am aware that these peptide bioregulators today have been patented and are registered on the Russian market as food supplements, how many do you have today and what areas do they cover?”

VK: “Regarding the bovine extracted peptides we currently have 17 manufactured on a regular basis; these are peptide extracts from blood vessels, thymus, cartilage, liver, brain, pancreas, pineal, bladder, stomach, eye, testes, heart, ovaries, prostate, adrenals,  muscles and kidneys. Naturally we intend to add more as our research continues.”

PM: “Have any of these in particular proved to be outstanding in anyway?”

VK: “The pineal extract has had many outstanding results as can be seen in our publications, but all peptides to date have been effective.”

PM: “I know that the dosing of these peptides is quite unique, for example they don’t have to be taken every day. What do you normally recommend?”

VK: “Of course it depends on the need, but the biological reserve is created after a cycled dose and can be maintained for some time thereafter. In nearly every case the biological reserve is improved by 42%. Some individuals who are healthy and wish to maintain health can use as little as 2 capsules daily for 10-days and repeat it 6-months later. Others who require more than just maintenance may need 2 capsules daily for 30-days and repeat bi-monthly, however a lot of patients find their stabilizing dose between those two regimes.”

PM: “Have you used peptides in combination and found any synergistic effects?”

VK: “We have recently designed up to three peptides for various disorders to make these synergistic combinations. In all cases, the addition of the vascular peptide – Ventfort® – is a useful addition; obviously by improving blood supply this can have wide benefits.”

PM: “That’s very useful; IAS will print off that recommended combination list and include it with this interview. Clearly Professor, you have been involved in this fascinating project for many decades, in all that time how many patients do you think it has been applied to and what side effects or contraindications have there been?”

VK: “There are no known side-effects, or contraindications and our methods have been applied millions of times in tens of thousands of patients over decades.”

PM: “What are your thoughts today about these peptide bioregulators and where they might take the future of medicine and health?”

VK: “I think it may improve everyday life of seniors, who constitute the most vulnerable group of population. Europeans and America are getting older and living longer than ever before, nearly 10 years more than in 1960. Increased longevity is a great achievement and a great challenge. It is our task to turn challenges into opportunities and to make the most of the chances offered by the scientific community.  Peptides will bring medicine and health systems to a new level with an accent to preventive medicine which will help to enhance human vital resource and add life to years.”

PM: “Professor Khavinson thank you very much for your insight into this remarkable research. I firmly believe that peptides are going to become a major focus in our field. Congratulations on your intriguing research.”

VK: “Thank you.”


Peptide bioregulator guide

Peptide extract          Trade name

  1. Adrenals              Glandokort ®
  2. Bladder*              Chitomur®
  3. Blood vessels        Ventfort®
  4. Brain                   Cerluten®
  5. Cartilage              Sigumir®
  6. Heart*                 Chelokhart®
  7. Kidney                 Pielotax®
  8. Liver                    Svetinorm®
  9. Ovaries*               Zhenoluten®
  10. Pancreas             Suprefort®
  11. Pineal                 Endoluten®
  12. Prostate              Libidon®
  13. Retina                Visoluten®
  14. Stomach*           Stamakort®
  15. Testes                Testoluten®
  16. Thymus              Vladonix®
  17. Thyroid              Thyreogen®


*Those items marked are not currently stocked by IAS (as of August 2013), but may be special ordered. Please contact us for details.


Professor Khavinson’s peptide bioregulator recommended combinations

  1. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the digestive system: Svetinorm®, Suprefort®, Stamakort®.
  2. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the vascular system: Ventfort®, Svetinorm®, Vladonix®.
  3. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the central nervous system: Cerluten®, Ventfort®, Svetinorm®.
  4. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the immune system: Vladonix®, Endoluten®, Ventfort®.
  5. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the locomotor apparatus: Sigumir®, Ventfort®, Vladonix®.
  6. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of carbohydrate metabolism: Suprefort®, Endoluten®, Ventfort®.
  7. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of lipoprotein metabolism: Svetinorm®, Suprefort®, Ventfort®.
  8. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the functions of the thyroid gland: Thyreogen®, Ventfort®.
  9. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of visual acuity: Visoluten®, Cerluten®, Ventfort®.
  10. Correction of disorders and maintenance of the functions of the kidney functions: Pielotax®, Ventfort®.
  11. Correction of organism status after radio and chemotherapy, long-term ionizing irradiation, psychoemotional stress and similar adverse factors: Vladonix®, Svetinorm®, Endoluten®.


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