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A breakthrough in anti-ageing cell discovery could help you live healthier for longer

July 4th, 2024

There has been a breakthrough in anti-ageing cell discovery that could help you live healthier for longer. According to scientists, CAR T-cells, which are a special receptor and type of immune cell, can hack into the human body’s ageing system. Researchers at the Cold Spring Laboratory in the USA claim that the key to slowing ageing is already in our bodies.


‘Ageing cell’ killing machines.

Early signs have revealed that, like a fine-tuned army, we can send good cells into the body to battle bad cells with the possibility of creating our internal fountain of youth. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells have been hailed as ageing cell killing machines. They move around the body to find and destroy defective cells and fight infection. CAR T-cells can disrupt the human body’s ageing process by attacking bad senescent cells.

The recent research findings have been published in an online article on Nature Aging, Prophylactic and long-lasting efficacy of senolytic CAR T-cells against age-related metabolic dysfunction’. In conclusion, the researchers behind the study discovered that they can reprogram cells to attack and eliminate other destructive cells in the body.


A complex cell reprogramming trial.

Researchers performed a complex cell reprogramming trial on mice. The mice went on to live healthier lives with lower body weight, improved metabolism, glucose intolerance and increased physical activity. There was no evidence of tissue damage or toxicity to their bodies.

Corina Amor Vegas, Assistant Professor at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in the USA and one of the authors of a recent study explained, “If we give it (CAR T-cells) to aged mice, they rejuvenate. If we give it to young mice, they age slower. No therapy right now can do this.”


Senescent cells taint healthy cells.

As we age, we accumulate a group of unique cells called senescent cells that multiply and release chemicals that can trigger damaging inflammation all over the body including vital organs. Eventually, they can spread to neighbouring cells and cause serious health problems, disabilities and fatalities.

Senescent cells taint healthy cells and can affect a person’s ability to deal with many illnesses, conditions and diseases. They can play a major role in obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. They can affect eyesight and mobility. The destructive cells are responsible for a decline in cognitive function, and Alzheimer’s disease and are associated with other dementia-related conditions. Through an infusion, CAR T-cells can actively attack senescent cells. The successful cell reprogramming treatment has already been approved by the USA to tackle blood cancer. There are drugs available that can eliminate senescent cells but they have to be taken regularly whereas the infusion doesn’t.

Professor Amor Vegas said, “For chronic pathologies, that’s a huge advantage. Think about patients who need treatment multiple times per day versus you get an infusion and then you’re good to go for multiple years.”

More tests are to be completed but researchers are very positive about the latest discovery.

Cell reprogramming is amongst many anti-ageing options. Taking natural supplements can help to combat age-related conditions and diseases.

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