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Statins and Prescription Drugs

November 26th, 2016

Statins and Prescription Drugs

A recent study has revealed some shocking statistics regarding the number of prescriptions people are taking. It was found that half of women and over 40% of men were taking at least one prescription medicine in England. The recent recommendations from NICE to the UK government that almost everyone over 60 should be taking a cholesterol lowering statin powering these alarming figures.

Statins are a controversial subject with many questioning big pharma’s hand in the research which has led to such widespread adoption and also the quality of the research itself. As the debate rages we would recommend if you are prescribed a statin make sure you also take CoQ10.

Statins deplete the body of the essential nutrient CoQ10. In parts of Europe when a statin is prescribed it must be accompanied by supplementation with CoQ10. This is not done in the USA or the UK, and even if it were what is not commonly acknowledged is that most CoQ10 products are poorly absorbed by the body. We recently introduced our CoQ10sr which has a patented technology which uses cyclodextrin to improve bioavailability whilst at the same providing a sustained slow release.

For more information about how CoQ10sr works and what it is capable of read our article “CoQ10sr Patented Delivery System Doubles CoQ10 Blood Levels in Three Weeks” on


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